As I write this, a dog from somewhere in the neighborhood barks incessantly. Daisy nudges my arm, flitting from my chair to window, begging me to let her outside so she may bark, too. Across from me, pages of Go Tell it on the Mountain by James Baldwin lay in shreds, a tattered memento of [...]

Stillness in the Sifting: Thoughts and Encouragement Amidst COVID-19

In her book, Uninvited, Lysa TerKeurst offers a paraphrase of a popular story in the Gospels: Jesus calming the storms on the fishing boat.  The word used to describe the disciples’ disposition is “terrified.”  In TerKeurst’s paraphrase, perhaps the most profound piece is her breakdown of that word: tarasso, which means to “set in motion what needs to remain still.” (Uninvited, [...]