the energy of small things 

Sometimes, I feel jealous of those who don’t know how to use cell phones.

I have the world at my fingertips and yet I feel as though I am the one missing something – something important.

I do not just feel distracted; I feel distracted from something that might save me.

Something that might woo me and wake me up.

Something that might ignite me and change me.

I’m supposed to be the informed one, the advanced one.

But what is so wrong with what we have here and now, in this moment?

We miss it, overlook it – whatever “it” is.

Is it the way a person smiles?

Is it the way sand feels in-between toes?

Is it the way the rain smells?

It is the way our lovers and friends laugh and tell stories?

Sometimes, I feel like the world is sleeping.

But then I realize – wait, no.

I am.

I am in a technology-induced coma, demanding the world to wake up and match my dreams.

I want to wake and take things slow – start noticing the small things.

Because rarely am I shaped by big moments – but by the small moments that pass me by.

It’s the little moments that make us who we are – should we not pay attention to them?

Sometimes, I feel like I do not know myself.

Perhaps it is because I have not noticed the things that have created me.

So maybe life is not about finding ourselves, but paying attention to and looking back on all the things that make us who we are.

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