Fear has no place. 

Guilt has no place. 

Shame has no place. 

Stress has no place. 

God, you’ve taken care of everything.  You love me.  You are for me.  Here in this mess, you are gentle.  You are kind.  

In the quiet peace of your love, I am still.

And all the baggage I carry must be left at the door of your widening canyon of rest. 

Adventure awaits me and I am free — free to run as fast as I can.

Wild and free.

No guilt, no shame.

Lord, I am open.

I am honest. 

I am free.  

I am not powerless, I am free.

I am loving, I am kind. 

I am worth defending.

I am grounded, I am peaceful. 

I am guided, I am safe. 

I let go, I forgive. 

I move forward.

I am not powerless, I am free.

My soul, my life — they are not free ranges for darkness to play its game.

They are beautiful and growing spaces — spaces for rest and freedom and innovation and grace.  

Jesus, I’m yours.  My friend, my shelter, my home. 

I trusted you first because you were safe.  In my loud and chaotic world, you provided a pocket of tender care and safety. 

Have you changed?


You carry me, Jesus.  You carry me.

Your gentleness makes me safe, your goodness makes me wise. 

I am cared for and you see me here.  You do not force me to change, but you give me the grace to rest where I am.

Your love makes me free.


Your love makes me free.

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