somewhere new, someplace safe: awe

              All seems beautiful to me.

                          Walt Whitman

Oh this bold and daring life

Oh this ability to connect, to serve, to be with people you love

Oh this huge and mesmerizing life

The way it twists and turns, the way you end up in a place you never would have expected 

Oh the way our story is sacred and shifting

Oh these holy things

These nights spent around a campfire home

These evenings looking at a sunset invitation

We are each invited into a great expanse of a divine and stretching life

To sing and to dance as we love, love, love, love

And oh to be part

This wild and reverent feeling of moving with life as it untangles all around you

To feel as though you belong within the breath of happening

To be next to and with

Instead of back and waiting 

To let the note of your laugh join with theirs until a jubilant song is formed

To work with the holy sweat and the devout dirt of a good and breathing day

To lay in bed at night and breathe out the weariness and the aches and then breathe in the contentment and ease of work well done 

Oh to be alive

Oh to let life and all its sacred surprises crash over you as you stand awed and mystified 

To listen to the sound and breath and beat of our ever moving Creator

To answer his invitation with an elated Here I am; send me 

To move with the rhythms of his wild and wholesome work

To let him lead you

To awe you 

To let him breathe his love into your backbone

To become saturated and ignited with the grace and love that is his being

To rest in his undying affection

To hear him and feel him 

To be moved by him

To be energized by him

To let his tender mercies become the fire of tenacity working its way through your bones 

To be still and know he’s God

Oh my

This bold and daring life

2 thoughts on “somewhere new, someplace safe: awe

  1. Lauren………I just love what you are expressing thru & with Heavenly Father! What a transforming experience that you will always hold close to in your heart. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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