portrait of a life: snow day

It is a snow day, snow falling in fluffy whispers as we all slept. There is something so peaceful about snowfall at night, the drifts coming down in reminders that beauty happens without us lifting a finger to help; that mystery spins while we sleep simply so we may enjoy it in the morning.

At 6:15am, I woke and let my dog out. Daisy didn’t know what to think of the cold covering. The street outside my home had not yet been driven on and the softness of the untouched blanket looked sleepy and calm.

I work from home today with a hyper puppy who keeps peeking around my laptop to see what I am up to. Outside, my neighbor shovels snow from the street and a FedEx delivery is made. Daisy barks at the front door either in greeting or protection, I am not sure.

I’ve had too much coffee today, because what is the point of being curled up in a chair, snowflakes floating down outside, if you do not have coffee to drink?

Now I take a break from studying up on a new software and Daisy is sleeping at my feet. Bright daylight pours in through the windows. And I am grateful for the quiet.

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