portrait of a life: middle

It’s the middle of the week and I have no pictures to share or reflections to write. I’m feeling grouchy and admittedly spent too much time mindlessly scrolling through social media looking at dog memes.

I worked with Daisy tonight on the command “heel.” She did so well last night and I was so impressed. Tonight she just kept sniffing around for treats and trying to get to her toys.

I got frustrated with Daisy and felt like we’d moved backwards.

But did she?

Because just because you want to play doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten what you’ve learned.

I’ll most likely look back on this post one day and wonder why I even bothered writing at all. There’s nothing miraculous here.

It’s just a Wednesday night, my grouchy self tucked up under the blankets after eating some turkey burgers and getting frustrated with my dog.

But it is a day in my life. Imperfect and sleepy as it is. Maybe I will want to remember it. Maybe I won’t.

But here it is.

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