portrait of a life: warm

A reading chair bathed in sunlight served as my lunchtime perch today. Sitting at the end of the sun’s generous rays, I felt more than just warm. I felt thawed out. I felt relief.

I sat cross-legged and visited with a friend, wanting to never get up. I could imagine myself scooting down lower and taking a nap.

Writing this now, recalling the warmth of the earlier afternoon, I think of how my last several writings have contained moments with friends.

Today’s lunchtime conversation with a wise mentor, coffee later this evening with a same-age-as-me friend, yesterday’s conversation with one who knows me best, Sunday’s musings with one who’s known me longest, Saturday’s taco outing with one who loves me deepest.

I am, recalling this all now, so warm. Far removed am I from that reading chair swathed in sun. But that warmth, that thaw, that relief… finds me here, bolstering my bones in the moments of my recalling.

I am so blessed. So, so, so blessed.

Do I have a plan? No, unless dreams count. Do I know what’s next? No, but I wish I did.

Am I alone?

Never, never, never.

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