portrait of a life: untangled

I missed the last two days of writing. I realized it last night as I laid down to sleep. I felt guilty at first, felt that familiar perfectionist urge to make up for it right then. I hate falling behind.

Tonight I watch The Office and Daisy snores next to me.

I’ve felt a bit stretched the past few days. Not the refreshing stretch after first waking up in the morning or after sitting too long. Stretched like tired. I’ve felt distracted.

Last night, I talked with a friend and she helped me process through some of the tangled up thoughts in my head. I feel clearer in thinking as a result.

What if God is never disappointed?

I plan on setting aside my phone in a few minutes, the episode of The Office now over and the TV off. Daisy stands on the couch and knows I’m about to let her outside one last time before we close out the day and go to bed.

And I untangle, meditating:

What if God is never disappointed?

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