portrait of a life: closing

The month of April wraps up soon, along with it, my writing for this month (sparse as it has been). It all closes out to the sound of birds chirping as the sun shines lavishly.

Daisy and I play outside on this Saturday afternoon, walking around my spacious yard and then sprawling out on a blanket in the center of it, greedily lapping up the sun and her gifts.

Back inside now, I listen to the Lumineers while I eat lunch and add items to my Thrive Market account. I wish I could say I am feeling reflective today; wish I could say I have profound thoughts to keep me company.

Today, mostly, I just feel content… not in an overwhelming, overtly emotional way. I am not moved to tears or to pause. There’s nothing tugging at me inwardly, begging for my attention.

I just feel glad it’s a pretty day. Feel eager to be outside in the sun. I’m really enjoying a book I’m reading, really enjoying watching Daisy charge toward everything that moves as if her whole world is a puzzle to figure out and an adventure waiting to be taken.

I am ready for warmer weather and, as I always do, think about all the things I hope to do this summer. One of the items on the list is to get “tan.” In the 25 years of my existence, never has this happened, but this fair-skinned girl adds it to her to-do list at the beginning of every summer just the same.

As this month closes, gone in what feels like a blink, I think briefly of how quickly time passes. How the years go by and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it; nothing to stop the great wheel of time from moving steadily on.

Usually, I ask myself what I want my life to look like, how I want to spend my time, wondering if I’ll ever get that tan I’ve been wanting for forever.

But today I just enjoy. Fill up my camera roll with blurry pictures of Daisy moving quickly. Listen to the Lumineers. Enjoy the earth all she gives.

Grateful, content, and hopeful.

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