when there aren’t words.

There will be times in life when there won’t be words.

There won’t be words to express how proud you are.

And this is one of those times.

To the kid I’ve watched grow up, to the kid who’s protected me and stood up for me, to the kid who’s been my friend and partner in crime for 17 years…

I am so proud of you.

I love your passion and your tenacity and how clearly they are reflected in your athleticism.  I love your friendliness and open heart toward people and how it’s reflected in your huge social circle.

I love your gentleness and humor and caringness.

I am so honored to be your older sister.

Go out in the world and be nothing but who you are, and remember this: you are loved.

Congratulations, little frog catcher.

You are my favorite graduate!


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