portrait of a life: saturday

It’s Saturday. George Ezra is playing a song I’ve kept on repeat for months. The weather outside is beautiful and sunlight pours in in streams.

I had lunch with one of my dearest friends. We chatted about life over nachos and carne asada tacos. I am richly blessed by my friendship with her. She is one of the most courageous people I know and her strength inspires me.

We briefly mentioned how we met, commenting on how if one small thing had not happened, we never would have met each other.

That reflection follows me this afternoon.

What “small things” or easily-overlooked connections do I have in my life right now, and could they be building into something bigger?

Psalm 139 – no less God.

Let me pause. Let me take it all in. The monotony, the frustrations, the anxieties. The good days where the sun shows her face a little more boldly, the lonelier days when she doesn’t.

All part of a story, each occurrence holding a meaning. Backed by breath, each minute of our lives are extraordinary.

Who knows what one thing shall lead to? Maybe a beautiful friendship is around the corner – either with another person, the earth, God, or simply myself.

I want to trust in the endless creativity of God. I want to trust that he hasn’t run out of ideas yet. That he doesn’t have writers’ block, that this chapter of my life does not have him stumped.

I want to trust that he isn’t as worried about the endings as he is about crafting something miraculous in the now.

An ending, an outcome, a path will all unfold later.

For now:

Carne asada tacos. Sunlight through windows. Bright smile looking back at me. George Ezra on repeat. Selfies with Daisy.

And hope. Loads of it.

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