portrait of a life: quiet

Sunday evening. This is Us is turned up over the sound of my washer. Daisy is as rowdy as ever and while I try to wind down, she wants to play.

I did not get done today what I wanted. Sitting here, I’m tempted to get upset over the fact that my kitchen is not clean and I did not work out today.

Thinking of these things makes me miss what did happen today:

Lunch with a friend, great visit with my brother, and an evening spent with my parents.

It’s not quite quiet in my house this evening. Between the rumble of my washer as it churns my work clothes for tomorrow, the sound of my favorite TV show spilling out dialogue, and the squeak of Daisy’s toy as she chases it across the floor, my house feels a little hectic.

I work to unwind inwardly. Settle in on the goodness that is today.

Tomorrow is a new day. A new day to accomplish and examine a whole list of things.

Writing the ending of this (taking longer due to distractions), the washer ends its cycle. Daisy settles and rests her head in my leg.

It is truly quiet. And I am truly blessed.

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