somewhere new, someplace safe: keeping it light

Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us. - Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic    I've been thinking lately about what I would tell my younger self.  It's kind of hard because I'm still so young.  But I feel old and those tumultuous nights in a 15-year-old's life feel like [...]

born to run.

I do not over-spiritualize my dreams.  I've always had an overactive imagination, lending to vivid dreams ever since I was a kid.  Most of them are pure nonsense. I don't try to interpret them.  I don't scour them looking for symbols.  If they amuse me, sometimes I'll write them down.  But sometimes, I have really [...]

somewhere new, someplace safe

  I do not like to go to the grocery store by myself. If there is not someone to go with me on an errand, I do not go on that errand. But something wild has come awake within me. I love being at home.  I prefer being alone with a good book and driving [...]